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Eloquera DB

What does it provide my business?

Developing applications with Eloquera is much faster than with conventional databases. Your developers focus on the business problem, not on the many technical issues that arise with traditional databases. The more complex the data the greater the advantage. Our users tell us you can expect a minimum of a fifty percent savings in development time. On top of that, when it comes time to modify the application, the advantage just keeps on growing.
Not only is Eloquera easy to use - it is fast. Faster than conventional databases, and again, the more complex the data, the greater the advantage.
Today real world applications have more and more complex data. Eloquera is your ideal development platform. Visit this page and make the decision yourself.


Why objects?

The real world is full of objects. Software should model the real world. Eloquera does just that, using objects to represent the world.
Databases in common use today allow you to store data in primitive chunks: numbers, dates, and strings. It is like garaging your car fully disassembled and then assembling it back together when you need it.
Eloquera Database stores the objects as they are. No need to chop your objects into small pieces. No complex coding, no bug tracing, no waiting for complex data layers to be designed and completed before you can tget on with the project.

Why .NET?

Microsoft .NET is the most comprehensive, high performance, object-oriented application framework. Developed by Microsoft, it has unrivalled level of support, gets new powerful features with each version, and remains simple to use and has a flexible programming model.
Eloquera Database makes the most of the .NET framework capabilities. It is actually the natural complement to the .NET object model.
All other major object databases were created for Java, and then ported to .NET. On the contrary, Eloquera database has been designed for .NET, and highly optimized for being used with any .NET applications such as ASP.NET web applications, Windows Services, Windows Forms and all the rest.


Why SQL?

Our database uses SQL - the familiar yet powerful query language with intuitively obvious extensions. Millions of professionals use SQL in their everyday work. Developers in your company know SQL, we are sure. Hence, no retraining, they already can use the Eloquera Database.
SQL is not only a programming language; it is a tool for looking through and analysing data. Eloquera Database supports queries to object’s fields and properties, to child objects, to the arrays and arrays of objects. It is immensely powerful. Check it for yourself here.

How much?

Eloquera Database is free. It costs nothing to use our database with commercial and non-commercial projects.
For peace of mind you can buy support for your database. Eloquera provides variety of support plans. Just have a look here and choose the one you need.
Eloquera Enterprise provides industrial strength reliability and availability features to suit the most mission critical, and complex corporate applications. It is currently available for evaluation and the first release will be available shortly. It will be extremely well priced, and when you factor in the savings in development and maintenance costs, there is simply no better solution on the market.

Eloquera license is available here


What is next?

We have big plans for the development of the Eloquera database. It already has many unique features, and we are going to add even more powerful capabilities to it.
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